I dream of a world where women, pregnancy, birth & parenting are held in absolute power, love and reverence.

A time saturated in love and support.

I dream of a world where our culture acknowledges and provides the epic support that is required for mothers to undergo this transformative right of passage.

A world that acknowledges it is defined by how it brings babies into the world and how we parent our children.

I dream of a world where babies are born into love, not fear. A world where we parent from love, not fear.

I dream of a world where women are deeply connected to their truths, their power and their vision for a more beautiful world for themselves and their children.

You CAN have (and you are WORTHY of) the most beautiful, empowering, transformational and supported birth and post-partum! Your baby, your body, your life!


Are you ready to join a revolution that is completely changing how we view birth, parenting and womanhood? It is happening right now and you are a part of that. It's no accident that you are reading this. There is a seed within you that knows birth, mothering and being a woman has so much potential yet to be fully discovered.

We are bringing forth a world full of love, connection and trust. A world full of passion and purpose.

I am Jess. I am a women's coach, birth mentor, post-partum doula, birth story listening mentor, and mother holding space for women to have the most beautiful, connected and transformational birth and post -partum experiences. I journey with your soul as you transform yourself and your life. I provide you with a safe, loving, accountable container for you to experience growth and a deeper connection to yourself. I am here to witness and hold you in your journey because this isn't a journey you are meant to be taking on your own. I am in service to you and your family emotionally, spiritually and practically.

Woven Grace

“Jess embodies love, compassion & consciousness. She has helped me through my journey to become the women and mother I am. Her birth story medicine session and circles have enabled me to dive deeper into my emotions, awareness and understanding of my journey with unwavering gentleness and authenticity when I need. The way Jess has held space for me is such a beautiful place to be in. I feel like I am heard.”

Pregnant Mama

Are you ready to bring forth everything your heart desires?

Birth & Post-Partum Support

The importance of mentoring and support and how I can I can support you.

Birth Story Medicine

Do you feeling emotionally triggered by your birth and transition into motherhood? Begin healing with a Birth Story Medicine session.

1:1 Coaching

Do you wish to live with more purpose and passion? Invite expansion and possibility into your life with 1:1 coaching.

Woven Grace

“Through her work, Jess has helped to nurture, love and heal my family. There is a saying in palliative care space - I cannot cure you but I will walk with you. Jess embodies this notion. When I lost my son she not only held space but stepped into the darkness with us and walked beside us. She has journeyed with us in a way that is genuine and considered. Woven Grace is a beautiful business birthed with passion and love.”

Post Partum Mother



Our Heads Are In The Sand

I do mentoring sessions with couples, individuals and birth workers. In my experience doing this work I am noticing the following:

Majority of birthing women and their partners would rather put their head in the sand and ignore messages from themselves that they need to be addressing rather than seeking support and doing the work even though they know on a deeper level it will most likely affect their birth and post partum.

Why do they do this? I think for a few reasons. We aren't very good …

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Inner Work Journal Prompts

If you have been following me a little while, you will know that I speak about the inner preparation that is required for the pregnancy journey.

I remember my first pregnancy - I thought I was sorted - I had a private midwife and I had the books and to be honest, I just wanted pregnancy and the birth to be over.

I was pretty scared to even connect to the whole process because it just overwhelmed me too much. Here was my first invitation and key that I could have explored, why was it so overw…


Navigating Pregnancy

Noise. Everywhere. Advice, fear, over-medicalisation being thrown at you from every direction. So. Much. Noise. What should I do? What is the truth? How do I go about this? Who and what can I trust? What is my fear what is someone else’s fear? I should feel joyous and I just feel confused and lost.

I hear you. Navigating pregnancy has become an overwhelming task for those of us desiring an experience free from trauma, depression and disconnect. Despite birth being a very natural act that shou…